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The principle of integration of environmental requirements into the other policies, the role of the IPP in the EU Strategy for Sustainable Development. The aim is to promote a market for greener products that use fewer resources, have lesser impacts and risks to the environment, thus, to improve the competitiveness of the EU industry.

Key principles of the IPP approach life cycle thinking, working with the market, stakeholder involvement, combination of voluntary approaches with mandatory measures, etc.

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Further environmental principles to be applied: precaution, substitution, minimisation and producer responsibility. Product related legislation in the Abril svájci anti aging e.

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Ozone depleting substances, the Community policy on climate change. Products from biotechnology, regulation on genetically modified organisms GMO.

The economic and legal framework of the IPP, its tools and means: price mechanism, taxes and subsidies, voluntary agreements, standardisation, green public procurement. Examples of Community regulation of producer responsibility: Directives on packaging and packaging waste; batteries and accumulators containing certain dangerous substances; end-of life vehicles; waste electrical and electronic equipment WEEE.


Félévközi ellenőrzés: - Félév végi számonkérés típusa: gyakorlati jegy Jellege: írásbeli vizsga és szóbeli vizsga kiselőadás tartása vagy házi dolgozat benyújtása Oral or written: presentation or submission of a abril svájci anti aging Az osztályzat kialakításának módja: Kiselőadás vagy házi dolgozat alapján — on the basis of an oral or written presentation A kurzus feladata a szakképzés céljának megvalósításában: The aim of the course is to explain the change in the traditional way of environmental policy-making: in addition to emission control and waste management, the integrated approach covers all stages from the mining of raw materials to the production, distribution, use, recycling and recovery and final disposal, to reduce the life cycle environmental impacts of products.

During the course the main objectives, principles of the IPP strategy, and its key role in the EU sustainable development strategy will be discussed.

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The existing and newly developed policy tools aiming at the creation of incentives for greener production and consumption patterns, as well as the relevant EU law are to be examined, e.

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