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The Asia-Pacific region accounted for 42 percent of global sales for the direct selling industry in Forecasts call for the region to continue to experience significant growth in the coming years, bolstered by the strong presence of established companies, and supported by direct selling companies and DSAs that have worked to create appropriate policies, put controls and ethical standards in place and foster government understanding of the industry. Additionally, a very strong work ethic exists in Asia, with a great entrepreneurial spirit among its people who desire to own their own businesses.

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Sixty percent of the companies are small- or medium-sized enterprises and 40 percent are controlled by foreign interests. It is estimated that almost half a million Australians are engaged in the direct selling industry.

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The imagination and commitment that has established our industry will assure its future. The Unites States retained its position as the largest direct selling market in the world, accounting for 22 percent of global direct sales for To the north, Ross Creber, President of the Direct Sellers Association of Canada, says the Canadian market continues to be a very receptive market for direct selling.

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Creber notes that there exists a high degree of consumer acceptance for direct selling among the Canadian population, even as the channel remains somewhat underpenetrated in terms of percent of retail sales. Brazil continues to be the dominant market in Latin America, with nearly double its closest competitor, Mexico.

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According to harding anti aging center vélemények consulting firm A. Kearney, Brazil is experiencing a growth rate of 7 percent to 8 percent per year, with sales growing four times faster than the 2 percent annual growth rate in the United States.

The country has traditionally been a large consumer of personal-care and beauty products, and projections are for that consumption to outpace developed markets, including the United States, in the next five years. The country, which experienced its strongest growth between and —with an average rate of 24 percent per year—is now generating income for more thanindependent entrepreneurs, more than 90 percent of whom are women.

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Maurits Bruggink, Executive Director of Seldia the European Direct Selling Associationbelieves that the direct selling sector will continue to show positive growth throughout Europa in In the UK, Paul Southworth, Director-General of the UK Harding anti aging center vélemények Selling Association, says the recent resurgence of direct selling can be julie nicolet svájc anti aging in part to the voluntary code of practice under which gigi ránctalanító industry is regulated: that is, capping the entry cost for those signing up for direct selling companies.

In addition, the industry is gaining upside from new business models and social media as well as an influx of men into the traditionally female-dominated channel; inthere was 26 percent more men involved in direct selling than in The opportunities are, therefore, enormous.

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The work and output of this group is essential to a better understanding of the direct selling channel globally. Sizing the entire direct selling industry, both member and non-member companies.


It can be used to guide strategy development at the industry level and for all member companies. The large companies generally have the resources to do their own research.

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But DSAs globally and the WFDSA provide this amazing research service that can greatly help the medium- and small-sized companies develop their long-term thinking. This, in turn, helps all companies.

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