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swiss malleray anti aging

swiss malleray anti aging

For the second time, representatives from Juventutem groups in various countries have met in Bern, Switzerland, on February 21st and 22nd, The schedule was similar to the one last year. Over twenty Juventutem members had travelled to Switzerland for the occasion.

swiss malleray anti aging

Like last year, the aim was not to have many people, but rather to ensure diversity of representation. The gathering officially started with Holy Mass at 3pm at the Villa Maria. King Victor-Emmanuel of Piedmont-Savoy had indeed invaded the Pontifical States, putting all Catholic clergy loyal to the Sovereign Pontiff in a very delicate situation.

This did not prevent the saint legjobb anti aging szem korrektor working wonders at the service of God. Fr de Malleray said that current anti Catholic prejudice could sometimes discourage us in the XXIst century.

After thanksgiving, we met in the refectory for coffee. Like last year, the Sisters had prepared everything for us on swiss malleray anti aging tables and really made us all feel at home. There was an informal time for greeting each other. It was good to see again many members who had come last year. Some of us had seen each other in between, either at the traditional pilgrimage to Chartres, or at WYD in Australia. Juventutem Federation President Gregory Flash then opened the official session.

Gregory said it was important to keep the Federation informed of what we were doing as Juventutem groups. He asked whether we had seen any improvement in our situations as the motu proprio Summorum Pontificum was making the Roman traditions of the Church better valued and accessible.

It seemed that the multiplication of Mass centers in the Extraordinary Form could make it easier for more youths to hear about these traditions and benefit from them, but on the other hand, it also meant that each Mass center had fewer people attending, thus making the traditional setting sometimes less attractive for youths.

Young people like it better when they see a sufficient number of other swiss malleray anti aging interested in the same things. He said that many had omitted to fulfill it. Cosimo also asked for the addresses to be updated, as a fair number of the Juventutem Christmas cards he had sent two months ago had been returned to him due to incorrect address.

Gregory Flash then announced his intention to have a successor elected. He said that as he was nearing 30 years of age, and after several years serving a President of the Federation, he would be glad if another member could take over. He added that he had talked already with Raphaël Waldis about that possibility. Gregory said that he would still be active in the Juventutem chapter at the Chartres pilgrimage.

swiss malleray anti aging

Raphaël Waldis is a student in Switzerland and has been involved in Juventutem since the beginning, partaking in the first international gathering in Bavaria August and subsequent WYD in Cologne, as well as at other events like the Chartres pilgrimage every year and WYD in Australia. Gregory said that of course anyone was free to vote for whoever they wished. We then proceeded with the vote, with Raphaël being elected at the first ballot.

A társadalomban, kiváltképpen a gazdasági szférában és a politikai döntéshozatalban való részvétel ezért társadalmi és funkcionális szükségesség. Kozmetikumok Valmont Valmont : származási ország, vélemények. Svájci kozmetikumok Mindazonáltal ahhoz, hogy képessé tegyük az iskolákat erre a feladatra, szükséges a tanárok képzése és megfelelő oktatási segédanyagok elérhetővé tétele. Ahhoz, hogy a demokráciát ne csak tantárgyként tanítsák az iskolában, hanem meg is éljék azt az iskolapolgárok, az oktatási rendszert olyanná kell formálni, melyben a politikai részvétel valóban lehetséges. Célkitűzések: A projekt legfőbb célja a magyar iskolák demokratikus kultúrájának fejlesztése volt.

Several groups who did not have a representative physically present had sent a proxy. Raphaël thanked the members and said he was happy to be of help.

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The fact he lives in Switzerland will help for collaboration with Treasurer Cosimo Marti. We then went back into the chapel for exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and adoration, served by Damian Barker, from England.

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After having exposed the Blessed Sacrament, Fr de Malleray recessed in the sacristy to hear confessions while we adored. He reminded us of the fact a novena was currently being prayed all over the world for the Holy Father, ending the day after, on the Feast of the Chair of St Peter. We also presented to God the swiss malleray anti aging of all Juventutem groups and supporters all over the world.

swiss malleray anti aging

After adoration we cleaned the refectory and tidied up the chapel and sacristy, before making our way to Il Grissino, the restaurant where we were to have dinner. It was a very merry evening in a casual and convivial atmosphere. We were glad to have among us Mr Heinz Müller, an ebenist supporting Juventutem although not a Catholic. The night was beautiful, with snow in the streets, then quieter than last year when it was carnival.

Dinner at the restaurant was a great opportunity for all to talk casually with each other and exchange news. French and English were the most commonly spoken languages.

Many pictures were taken and Gregory and Raphaël suggested we changed seats after the main course, so as to allow for more opportunities to speak with everyone. After meal, everybody was free to walk around the city or just go back to their youth hostel and chat. Like last year the Secretary swiss malleray anti aging the Papal Nunciature attended Anti aging összetevők a kozmetikumokban in choir.

Mgr Ruiz Mainardi had been assigned at the Papal Nunciature in Cuba, but his successor was equally pleased to pray with us.

Unlike last year though, for want of available clerics, we had a Sung Mass and not a Solemn High Mass.

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It was served by male members of Juventutem from various countries, while others — boys and girls alike — joined in the schola to sing the Gregorian kyriale and proper of the Quinquagesima Sunday. Fr de Malleray offered the Mass and preached on Juventutem.

swiss malleray anti aging

Dr Weisensee has supported Juventutem from the beginning and had given a talk on pro-life legal issues related with health insurance at the first Juventutem gathering in Bavaria, August Breakfast was followed with a projection of pictures and films www.

We then had a time for sharing our experiences and swiss malleray anti aging expectations as Juventutem members. Tomas Balsis, from Juventutem Lithuania, was presented with an ancient map of his country.

It was quite unique to hear such a diversity of testimonies among a rather small group of people representing very diverse cultures and languages with members from Spain, France, England, Ireland, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Lithuania, Slovakia, Italy and Russia.

We then met for lunch at Il Grissino where the waiters now know our group fairly well. Some of us started departing in order to catch their trains back home, while others stayed longer.

Some were shown around Bern by Cosimo Marti. That week-end has been a blessed time of fraternal gathering and it is a pleasure to see that the Federation is getting stronger through mutual friendship and prayer.

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