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These con- atic and Alpine Po Basin areas will be dealt with here tacts may be traced by the appearance of fragments of which are chronologically between the middle of the ceramics which have been imported or reworked local- V millennium and the second half of the III millenni- ly the decoration of which may be referred generically um B. In general, this period appears to be to the above mentioned cultures.

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During the last centuries of the V rnillenniurn B. The general scarcity of information and the hetero- an early diffusion of the southern French Chassey took geneity of the documentation presently available place in western Liguria.

This culture was superim- makes it quite difficult to identify in detail the cultur- posed on local manifestations of the meander-spiral al processes which effected the study area during the style.

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In particular, rather exceptional tax of impressions and incisions and a flake lithic indus- structures within the Italian panorama have been try Fig. Andrea di Travo PCa station situated on a reduced area, in comparison to that embraced by the an alluvial terrace on the left bank of the river Treb- meander-spiral style the second style of the Square bia.

They consist of some huts, traces of a probable Mouthed Pottery Culturewhich includes western palisade, of wells and pit ovens Fig. These relationships appear to be evident in the strati- TThis article has been written svájci alabárd anti aging the aid of M. The authors are very grateful to prof.

Barfield for revising the original English text.

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Gelmina Veronaat Carrara S. Bergamo and Brescia seem to suggest a partially dif- 4 While waiting for new radiocarbon measurements, the chrono- ferent situation due to the presence of north-alpine logical collocation of this aspect is defined on the basis of radio- metric dating from the Isera La Torretta I Trento PEDROTTI influences which may be referred to the emanation of and from some measurements carried out on charcoal from Bán- the sphere of the Epi-Rössen Culture.

This seems to be due to the scarcity of data that Breno. The discovery in Sep- style of incisions and impressions of Square Mouthed tember of the Sirnilaun man gave rise however, Pottery Culture.

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In all probability they represent im- to a significant reawakening of studies and research ported items, as in the present state of knowledge on the period being investigated. The most sig- which anticipate the phase connected to metallurgy it nificant aspect of this complex is the frequency among seems possible to identify in the eastern area which the burial remains of large flint daggers, copper axes includes Friuli, Veneto and Trentino-Alto Adige a cul- and daggers and arrowheads also defined as Remedel- tural aspect characterised by aspects of the tradition lian.

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This faciès consists substantially of elements of vari- of the Cultures of Lagozza svájci alabárd anti aging that of Square ous traditions which seem to confirm the presence of Mouthed Pottery Culture in decline and of elements prevalently western components; the most relevant which may be linked once again to the north-alpine aspect seems to be represented by 'metope" ware which, Culture. Links with first phase attributed to the Svájci alabárd anti aging Neolithic seems to be the western world may be confirmed by the present dis- characterised by truncated, cone-shaped and cylindri- tribution of the 'metope style" ceramics in northern Italy cal vessels mainly decorated with plastic motifs such as as elements have been found in western Veneto, Trenti- impressed and plain cordons and plain and impressed no, Valle D'Aosta, Liguria and Piedmont Svájci alabárd anti aging.

Palu di Livenza Pordenone. The While the scenario of the Late Neolithic appears present state of knowledge indicates that scale deco- today to be in the course of being defined from the rated pottery would have reached northern Italy up cultural and chronological point of view, on the other along the Adriatic coast ,25 spreading in a consistent anti aging flash krém mesoestetic this is not the case for the period which includes manner throughout Emilia-Romagna and more spo- a good part of the III millennium B.

Mar- the Adige Valley, of burial in caves or in shelters, tin di Corleans Aosta. This attribution is not always due to the presence of The Bell Beaker pottery is found in some settlements precise elements linked svájci alabárd anti aging the cultural aspects men- where it seems to represent a cultural horizon of its tioned above, but rather on the basis of the presence own, svájci alabárd anti aging for example at Rubiera and SantTlario d'Enza of copper objects.

Polo near Brescia and in the above mentioned for the first time by Barfield29 at Monte Covolo, docu- site of M. Covolo, where the Bell Beakers level succeeds ments again the dynamism of the Eneolithic in north- that of the already discussed "White Ware". This type of pottery reflects contacts with Two burials found in the Adige Valley at La Vela38 the north Alpine world, in particular with Swiss Hor- and Romagnano Loch,39 probably belong to a late gen Culture.

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It is found at Monte Covolo, in the Pre- phase of the Bell Beakers pottery and these also show alps of the Brescia area, in a horizon with "White elements such as toggle "Montgomery" type but- Ware" pottery stratified between a level with Lagozza tons" which may be linked to svájci alabárd anti aging eastern France but type pottery and a subsequent level which may be which may also be compared with the lake settlement assigned to the Bell Beaker Culture Fig.

In fact, while for Liguria tionships with the successive Po basin contexts are not we can identify elements of contact with southern clear, in particular that with the 'metope" ware com- France, for the Po Basin region and the Verona and plexes. In fact while, as mentioned above, at Monte Brescia Préalpine areas the most widespread style of Covolo this type of ceramic appears in a level by itself, the Bell Beakers pottery is the so-called International at Sasso di Manerba and probably Colombare di 32 A synthesis of the problems associated with the evolution of the Negrar the "White Ware" ceramics are found associ- studies and knowledge of the Bell Beaker pottery in northern ated with vessels decorated in the "metope" style.

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Elements which recall central European influ- camonica and Valtellina group, the Lunigiana group, ences, such as handled cups are also present. These were recent- plete with arms daggers, axes, halberdsfemale fig- ly the subject of a study by Nicolis svájci alabárd anti aging identi- ures with small breasts and with representation svájci alabárd anti aging fied analogies with southern France and with the clothing and elements of ornament, and sexless indi- Slovenian lake settlement environment of Ig.

Some viduals without distinguishing characteristics. It is necessary however, to underline the fact that period, with the first manifestations of the Polada Cul- the chronological collocation of this phenomenon is ture which may be assigned to the early Bronze Age.

In assigned to the Eneolithic, the anthropomorphic mon- fact nearly krém anti aging tavak the artefacts, except for the stele statue umental statues found in the Alpine area are subdi- recovered at Velturno, do not originate from strati- vided into five groups: the Aosta-Sion group, the Val- graphic contexts.

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Bullettino di Paletnologia Italiana Fasani ed. II territorio Veronese dalle origini all'età r o m á n a contributi e aggiornamenti di ricerca preistorica.

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Ricerche n e l territorio Spilam- berto - S. Calderini BO. In: Il Veneto nell'antichità. Preistoria e Protostoria Verona, Parte I. Annali del M u s e o di Gavardo Part 2.

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Ricerche archeologiche. Birmingham, In: Nicolis, F, Mottes, E. Simbolo e d enigma.

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