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Unsocial social space.

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Try leaving in the morning. The bar legend Klub Vittula was estabished by Timothy Green coming to Budapest for the first time in This neighborhood at the time was considered outskirts.

Dark, without any sign of tourism.

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The first guest was back then 14 year old teenager András Borbíró — later becoming an actor — who accidentally found the hatch to be open. As he was walking down into the basement without further regret he became a frequent visitor for years. In the very beginning the non-alcoholic Tim himself was standing behind the counter receiving additional help from expats pooring in already forming the first generation with bartenders such as Szabolcs Jager, Patrik Gervan, Éva Schumy, Éva Laczko, Rita Kiss, Madelaine Damasdi and others like Robot Anna, Trixi, Petra and many more.

Erdődy arrives in the 2nd year in April just after the Vittula Születésnap birthday party 13th of February and becomes a major contributor and very loyal customer.

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He and other regulars bring new guests, document the pub's intimate moments, organize events and even pay the delivery-bill sometimes if there isn't enough money in the casheer machine which is to this day simply a plastic box. Vittula in the early days was housing artist gatherings, theatre gigs, exhibitions of course, and wasn't simply a dirty and smelly cellar with a legend. The interior was marked by colourful curtains and burning candles in front of mirror-mosaiques. Since opening Vittula in by refurbishing an old Gulyás Kifőzde Stew Cantine and clearing a bricked-in section of the once was coal-cellar, the bar is continuesly supporting subcultures and had not even bartenders working there altogether including employees active for 2 weeks or 7 years in a row.

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Erdődy joins by and is spending time drinking through four UK prime minister cycles Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron, Theresa Mayremembering the Gordon Brown period to be best as during expat meet-ups they were singing the song Golden Brown originally referring to heroin by The Stranglers with the PM's name.

The second generation led for 7 years by Ákos Petrovits and Sorin Pop is referred to as the classic era with Balázs Kontár and Rita Balla also behind the bar joined by Ádám Darvas lead man of Pozvakowski or random bartenders such as Joja or Katalin Verebics.

Accoustic music is performed in abundant fashion.

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Still using CDs marks the era. From roustic laptops and flipping vinyls they play 90s hits or synth pop, new wave, dark wave, indie, and post-punk. Occasional rockabilly, noise rock, surf rock and heavy swiss diurnal raptor anti aging nights — depending on who is standing behind the bar — are possible to get a glimps of as well. Regulars are washing dishes, behaving like cabin crew, almost as if Vittula stakeholders. They receive their own hooks with their names swiss diurnal raptor anti aging in the back to hang their jackets and secure their belongings.

A period of collective life in bars. It's also the era of indoors smoking, up to an extent that from meters away one cannot see each other. Some choking on smoke the moment they enter the bar only to turn around rightaway to look for somebody trustworthy on the outside who might take a message back to the bar staff to ventilate for a change as long as new visitors unable or unwilling to adapt to the situation are taking a peek.

Stuffiness and erotic gestures are all over the place.

History: what mythical junkyards are made of...

The gallery space nextdoor connected by a basement corridor serves one purpose: foster cultural activities both locally and abroad representing mid-career and emerging artists who are often traced by various art agents discovering young painters!

The pub and the gallery are housing many combo events, giving a chance for artists to congregate. Vittula at the time can be identified as the Mudd Club of Budapest. Vittulize your summer! This era is the most organized on paper, but also the most violent to live through. With stoner rock, heavy metal parties, also bar fights, swiss diurnal raptor anti aging drunk folks, many music video shootings, a cochroach infestation, and celebrities penetrating the thick underground membrane of Budapest through Vittula such as Oscar-prize winner Jennifer Lawrence hanging out downstairs on numerous occasions.

Regulars are forbidden to take their luggage in the back and most often cannot offer assistance to the crew.

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The first generation of expat regulars drops out and a younger crowd is taking over. It changes as the attitude of staff in Vittula is giving him a hard time. Erdődy is definitely one of the wild ones.

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But by the end of this period even he is dropping out and not following up events in the club so much as before due to the constant drill and attitude problems becoming fears. By Tamás Velociraptor Horváth in short Tamás Raptor and friends launch the campaign Make Vittula Great again, an event series promoting the venue in it's habitual role as an open social space with family atmosphere, even giving away hats and pins to spread the message in town.

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The latest crew consiting of Rebekka Róth, Dániel Rezi and Wang Dániel Xu are said to be a more oldschool approach with less limitations, more improvisation, a more mixed croud, very liberal and foremost allowing no age-group-segregation.

Former first generation expats already in their prime are returning, conflicts are rare. New bartenders Balázs and Edina join. As a center for micro-subcultures ran by the 5th generation of management from onwards, Vittula regained it's former popularity having political and gender oriented parties as well as live music.

Occasional other performances and last minute bookings are welcome; audiences can enjoy shows swiss diurnal raptor anti aging times a week. By Vittula get's noticably more leaned back. Regulars are washing glasses again and in some cases have even access to the backstage part of the pub. Organizing private events are a rarity, but certain exceptions such as Vittula Karácsony Christmas Meeting of regulars with gifts, a Christmas tree, drinks on the house, etc.

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By journalists from both Keretblog and Index refer to Vittula as one of the most swiss diurnal raptor anti aging underground bars currently. These by the thousands are letting their destructive impulses loose. Vintage, upcycling and contemporary fashion as decortation joins the parade besides On 10th January Vittula launches it's plastic recup campaign led by Wang Xu and Tamás Raptor making the graphic design who are decorating the pre-ordered new items with slogens, sentences and details of graffities found in the pub mostly downstairs near the counter or in a subsection further downstairs next to or in the toilet compartement.

After this month same old problems occour, a certain sense of boss-feel especially due to Wang Dániel Xu trying to kick Erdődy out of his own exhibition attracting guests simply illogical. The tention rises to the point where Wang Xu turns the situation into a long-drawn-out soap opera cliché, not serving Erdődy, overplaying the role of thinking he is Klub Vittula after a few months Erdődy could again draw the conclusion to wait till others take over the bar generation 5leaving his place of inspiration on the look-out for other interesting and new venues By now as part of the swiss diurnal raptor anti aging city with gentrification catching up along the körút Ring of Budapest Vittula is getting centered closer and closer to the black heart of alcohol tourism and relatable zones.

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Nonethelss it still is a great contrast to gentrification — spreading across the inner city creating a homogenic environment, a backwater, a non-entity, where locals become service labour for the entertainment industry, while foreigners run wild, vandalize and party from March till October year after year —.

The city is soon caught in a dellusional state combined with a gold panic, the chance of easy money through tourism.

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Budapest get's deceived. They were opened in ruin buidlings no concept art, no big dealwhich in 10 years end up in the hands of people building a theme. Rebellious becomes contemporary and meaningless. Still Vittula - from - is never frozen in time, on the contrarary, it's reinventing itself with every generation. It's name is borrowed from the Scandinavian pop cult epic called Popularmusik fran Vittula both published in book format and covered on film.


The book was written by Swedish author Mika Niemi. Erdődy over the span of 13 years had altogether 4 exhibitions — group and solo — in the space next to the pub — also owned by Timmy Green —.

Erdődy and Leroy Drevdal surprise Budapest with their retrospective photography exhibition titled Notorious Reflexes on 19th January with attendees. The event — written about by many newsfeeds — attracts huge crowds of young artists and loud fun-seekers who are greeted with a performance, a flown in curator Helena Krupina speech by visual artist Martha Kicsiny, two concerts The Keeymen, Panel Surfers and a wild party lasting till into the morning.

Erdődy owns the domain klubvittula. Not that he has a horse in this race Furtheromre the Pluto concerts! Irrational Orthodox Noise.

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Sárgaföld Fesztivál ! Küss Mich nights: Italodisco, New Wave, and such stricktly from vinyl. Frou da Lou! Imagine DJ-ing, cooking and serving food at the same time in the middle of the bar where people are dancing around you with plates in their hands. Same organizers.

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What a mess. There were a lot more. Let me think. Spring Break Fairies. Ballrom Freak-out. Gothic Halloween. Williams doing his drum n bass thing as Q the physicist in a biohazard suit, sometimes accompanied by William Brown. Nitebus — Pornotronic DJ Set.

Panda Varieté! Halloweens and other sexy costume parties with Anita Horányi swiss diurnal raptor anti aging Rebel Berggren. Boobs everywhere… Pozvakowski concerts, voll geil! Doctor Tremolo. Gelka dropping by to play some music. The Darvas Testvérek concerts Krisztián és Kristóf. Unami Coastjack. El Charro de Jalisco is back. Presszó Tangó Libidó! Stereo Cute. Mi okozza a szem ödémát Fall Marathon there were at least swiss diurnal raptor anti aging.

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The Deerman vs The Squalorist. Barcsay Jenő Emlékzenekar Vittula Unplugged. Oktober mini Fest. Cimbik a szetten.

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