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Twenty years at Hull-house, with autobiographical notes. Her personality merges absolutely in that of the institution which she founded and finds therein its best expression.

But the fact remains that for those curious concerning the phenomena of spiritual experience, the opening chapters of Miss Addams's book, in which she recounts the crises of her moral and intellectual development, will prove of a superior interest to the others The story is one of singular interest and has a strange affinity with stories of other great moral and spiritual leaders of humanity. Andrew, Abram Piatt, comp.

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Issued by the United States national monetary commission. Diagrams showing the increase of national and state banks and trust companies from totheir average capital and circulation for the same period, discount rates in different countries, price of bonds and interest earned upon them, money in circulation in the United States, exchange rates, etc.

Fulton, James Arthur. Study of our present money and banking system, which author lorelia anti aging formula induces panics and concentration of wealth.

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  • Epilogue Characters and events portrayed in this book represent a cross-section of people and happenings I have known throughout my life in Brazil and elsewhere, up to a few years ago.
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Sprague, Oliver Mitchell Wentworth. Tolsto'i, Lyof Nikolaievitch, count.

Wildman, Murray Shipley. Study of the psychology of inflation movements and of the economic and social ele ments which combine to produce them. Ayres, Leonard Porter. Colgrove, Chauncey Peter. Farrington, Frederic Ernest. Johnson, Walter Rogers.

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T J36 Remarks on the duty of the several states in regard to public education. Privately printed. Story telling; what to tell and how to tell it. The lucid and concise talk on reading aloud and on telling stories for a definite ethical and educational end make the book helpful Definite directions are given for using the epic tales.

Maennel, Bruno. The book closes with a chapter on the training of backward children in this country.

Germans and Hungarians in Southeast Europe. Identity Management and Ethnomanagement, böhlau, 2017

Peters, William E. Western Methodist Book Concern. Strachan, Grace Charlotte. Science Apgar, Austin Craig.

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Book Co. Author's last work, published posthumously. Popular guide to identification without use of microscope, for those with no previous knowledge of botany. The keys are not intended to be exhaustive, and give lorelia anti aging formula sufficient information to decide the name. Aveling, Edward Bibbins. Internationale bibliothek.

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Contents: Die entwicklungstheorie. Beddard, Frank Evers. A sketch of vertebrate life which may serve as an introduction to more exhaustive studies. Principles of breeding; a treatise on thremmatology, or the principles and lorelia anti aging formula involved in the economic improvement of domesticated animals and plants, with appendix by H.

Country life education series. For lorelia anti aging formula student of agriculture in the college and experiment station and lorelia anti aging formula practical breeder upon the farm The general purpose has been first of all to define the problems involved in animal and plant improvement Last of all. A fair knowledge of general evolution is assumed on the part of the reader. Fournier d'Albe, Edmund Edward. Contents: Archimedes. Dr Gilbert of Colchester. Brief histories and biographies, simply and lucidly written.

Gibson, Charles R. Popular book, in which the electron itself tells the story of the part electrons play in nature and in scientific work. Irving, Henry, b.

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Popular guide to common British trees. Illustrations are numerous and of such nature as to prove very helpful in identification. Masters, Maxwell Tylden. Description of plant habits. Mennell, Frederic Philip. Concise handbook, intended for the working geologist and not for use as student's text. Based largely on observations in South Africa. Needham, James George. Morphology is given but a subordinate place.

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Holmes, in Science, igio. New York Zoological Society. American science series; elementary course.

Well illustrated text covering a half year's work for secondary schools. Condensed from author's previous works on the subject. Trafton, Gilbert Haven.

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Published under the auspices of the National Association of Audubon Societies. Enlarges on the usefulness of birds, discusses in detail foods, nesting habits, etc.

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Wood-Jones, F. Study of Cocos-Keeling islands in the Indian ocean, in which Darwin made most of his investigations of coral structure. Contents: The story of Ben. Entertaining story of a bear which the author captured as a cub and kept for several years.

It is followed by instructive comment on characteristics and habits of the black bear, especially as contrasted with the grizzly.

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Chemistry Theoretical principles of the methods of analytical chemistry based upon chemical reactions; authorized translation by A. Lincoln and D. Contents: Influence of the physical state of precipitates upon their purification by washing. Not a text-book, but of interest to all workers in analytical chemistry.

Friend, John Albert Newton.

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