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Csehországban átlépte a háromezret az új koronavírussal fertőzöttek száma
Csehországban átlépte a háromezret az új koronavírussal fertőzöttek száma MTI A kedden közzétett csehországi adatok a járvány lassulására utalnak. Szlovénia a járvány elleni küzdelem jegyében azt kérte külföldön élő és dolgozó állampolgáraitól, hogy ne utazzanak haza a húsvéti ünnepekre. Lengyelországban a koronavírus-fertőzés lehetősége miatt házi karanténba helyezettek száma jelenleg több mint ezer. A koronavírus-járvány miatt védőruhát viselő egészségügyi alkalmazottak fertőtlenítést végeznek a lengyel parlamenti alsóháznak, a Szejmnek otthont adó épületben Varsóban

Herold Msnbc anti aging When U. S warplanes strafed [with AC gunships] the farming village of Chowkar-Karez, 25 miles north of Kandahar on October rd,killing at least 93 civilians, a Pentagon official said, "the people there are dead because we wanted them dead.

They sympathized with the Taliban. S officer aboard the US aircraft carrier, Carl Vinson, described the use of 2' lb cluster bombs dropped by B bombers: "A 2' lb. S mainstream corporate msnbc anti aging "the report cannot be independently verified" ".

The US corporate media seems to be muting any talk of civilian casualties first by framing any such news with "Taliban claims that. S government, they're aiding propaganda efforts. In sharp contrast, when civilian deaths are caused by bombers who hate America, the perpetrators are evil and those deaths are tragedies. When they put bombs in cars and kill people, they're uncivilized killers.

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When we put bombs on missiles and kill people, we're upholding civilized values. When they kill, they're terrorists. When we kill, we're striking against terror. What causes the documented high level of civilian casualties, civilian deaths in nine weeksin the U. S air war upon Afghanistan? The explanation is the apparent willingness of U. S military strategists to fire missiles into and drop bombs upon, heavily populated areas of Afghanistan. A legacy of the ten years of civil war during the 80s is that many military garrisons and facilities are located in urban msnbc anti aging where the Soviet-backed government had placed them since they could be better protected there from attacks by the rural mujahideen.

Successor Afghan governments inherited these emplacements.

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To suggest that the Taliban used 'human shields' is more revealing of the historical amnesia and racism of those making such claims, than of Taliban deeds. Anti-aircraft emplacements will naturally be placed close by ministries, garrisons, communications facilities, etc.

A heavy bombing onslaught must necessarily result in substantial numbers of civilian casualties simply by virtue of proximity to 'military targets', a reality exacerbated by the admitted occasional poor targeting, human error, equipment malfunction, and the irresponsible use of out-dated Soviet maps.

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But, the critical element remains the very low value put upon Afghan civilian lives by U. S military planners and the political elite, as clearly revealed by U. S willingness to bomb heavily populated regions. Current Afghan civilian lives must and will be sacrificed in order to [possibly] protect future American lives.

Actions speak, and words [can] obscure: the hollowness of pious pronouncements by Rumsfeld, Rice and the corporate media about the great care taken to minimize collateral damage is clear for all to see. Other U. S bombing targets hit are impossible to 'explain' msnbc anti aging terms other than the U. S seeking to inflict maximum pain upon Afghan society and perceived 'enemies': the targeted bombing of the Kajakai dam power station, the Kabul telephone exchange, the Al Jazeera Kabul office, trucks and buses filled with fleeing refugees, and the numerous attacks upon civilian trucks carrying fuel oil.

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Most recently, fleeing civilians in vehicles have become the Pentagon's "new targets of opportunity. Feriba, a young Afghan girl, refugee in Pakistan5: "I and all my classmates are very sad because of the situation in our homeland.

When our teacher said in the class that many people have been killed in Afghanistan, I and my all classmates started weeping because everyone has relatives there. I msnbc anti aging America not to kill the poor Afghans.

They are hungry and poor. The following day, Reuters carried an interview with a year-old ice-cream vendor from Jalalabad who said he had lost his leg and two fingers in a Cruise missile strike on an airfield near his home: "There was just a roaring sound, and then I opened my eyes and I was in a hospital," said the boy, called Assadullah, speaking in Peshawar after being taken across the border for medical help.

Csehországban átlépte a háromezret az új koronavírussal fertőzöttek száma

There were other people hurt. People were running all over the place.

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A cruise missile targeted at a Taliban facility "a few hundred yards away", strayed and landed next to him. Shrapnel pierced his neck, grazing his spine, paralyzing him. Chien, confirmed that civilians had been killed in Jalalabad and elsewhere. By October 10th, The Guardian reported 76 dead civilians.

S media noted that during the first week of bombing, Afghan civilians had been slaughtered. On October 10th, the Sultanpur Mosque in Jalalabad was hit by a bomb during prayers, killing 17 people. As neighbors rushed into the rubble to pull out one injured, a second bomb was dropped reportedly killing at least another people [though I have not included this figure in my tally].

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His extended family, crowded into six cars, arrived at a village just about when it was attacked by U. Ironically, the cars arriving in the night may have prompted the raidas the Pentagon labels "a target of opportunity.

What am I supposed to do now? S bomb and missile fired from a F hit the village of Khan Agaha at the entrance of the Kapisa Valley, some 80 kms northeast of Kabul. The U. S planes dropped 35 bombs in the area.

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Ten civilians were reportedly instantly killed said an ambulance driver who had gone to the village. A nearby hospital to which victims were rushed, run by the Italian relief agency, Emergency, said up to 16 people had been killed in Saturday's attack on Khan Agaha. The TV report said ten members of a family were missing under the rubble and another twenty were injured. A five year-old girl lay in a wheelbarrow with a bloodied face. The blast shattered a neighbour's house killing another two children.

On Saturday, November 17th, Msnbc anti aging bombs killed two entire familiesone of 16 members and the other of perished, together in the same house. A refugee, Mohammed Rasul, recounts himself burying 11 people, pulled out of ruins there. Multiply these scenes by a couple hundred and the reality on-the-ground in the Afghan October and November is approximated.

This same reality is blithely dismissed by the Pentagon and the compliant U. S corporate media with "the claims could not be independently verified," whereas the military press calls reports of high civilian casualties as being "inflated by air.

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S mainstream msnbc anti aging. Thousands, as we shall document. In other words, the high levels of civilian casualties are simply written off to 'enemy' propaganda and ignored.

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S response of making an entire other nation and people 'pay' for the crimes of a few is obvious to anyone who seeks out the real 'costs' perpetrated upon the people of Afghanistan. Action should be based upon some measure of proportionality, which here clearly is not the case.

Secondly, this war does little to impede the cycle of violence of which the WTC attacks are merely one manifestation. The massive firepower unleashed by the Americans will no doubt invite similar indiscriminate carnage.

A spanyol parlament májusig tartó szükségállapotról döntött Megosztás itt: A törvényhozás felhatalmazása jogalapot teremt arra, hogy az autonóm tartományok kormányai helyben korlátozhassák a szabad mozgást, például úgy, hogy feltételekhez kötik az egyes régiók területére való belépést, illetve a távozást onnan. A madridi régió csak a következő két hétvégére lépteti életbe a korlátozást, mivel mindkettő hosszú hétvége lesz, és így kívánják elkerülni a tömeges utazásokat. A spanyol parlament döntése értelmében a miniszterelnöknek kéthavonta kell tájékoztatnia a törvényhozást a vírushelyzetről.

Injustices will flower. Thirdly, by defining these events as a war rather than a police action without providing any argument for the necessity of the former, the American Afghan War is un-necessary and, hence, not 'just.

There is no difference between the attacks upon the WTC whose primary goal was the destruction of a symbol, and the U. K revenge coalition bombing of military targets located in populated urban areas. Both are criminal. Slaughter is slaughter. Killing civilians even if unintentional is criminal.

In order to make the American Msnbc anti aging Msnbc anti aging appear 'just', it becomes imperative to completely block out access to information on the true human costs of this war. The actions of the Bush-Rumsfeld-Rice trio speak eloquently to these efforts: calling-in major U. S news networks to give them their marching orders, buying up all commercial satellite imagery available to the general public, sending Powell off to Qatar to lecture the independent Al Jazeera news network, and lastly, when that failed targeting the Kabul office of Al Jazeera and scoring a direct missile hit on it.

In mid-October, Duncan Campbell reported how the Pentagon was spending millions of dollars to prevent western media from buying highly accurate civilian satellite pictures of the effects of the U. S bombing. S msnbc anti aging media have devoted only sparse moments to the topic of civilian casualties, obeying the Bush-Pentagon directives. Preventing the images of human suffering caused by the U.

S bombing from reaching U. S audiences, creates precisely what the Msnbc anti aging and Bush seek : a "war without witnesses. It is only when we see moving pictures that we process events as an actual experience and only when we see real people suffering that we make a personal connection to them.

V news from Kabul posed such a threat to the Bush war. This report sets the record straight: we shall document how Afghanistan has been subjected to a barbarous air bombardment which has killed an average of 62 civilians per day since that fateful evening of Sunday, October 7th. When the sun set on December 6thd, at least 3' Afghan civilians had died in U.

S bombing attacks [roughly equivalent to about 38' U. S civilian or the equivalent of eleven World Trade Center attacks]. Naturally, skeptics will howl about how accurate data might be collected.

I have relied upon official news agencies, major newspapers, reported first-hand accounts. Whenever possible, I have sought cross-corroboration [the idea being that if a couple major news agencies report the event, then it is more likely accurate]. I have avoided granting greater reliability to U. S or British sourcesthe ethnocentric bias.

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When greater detailas for example, in witnesses' storieswas given about the specifics of a bombing attack, I lent it greater credibility. I have used figures reported by official news agencies [e. I have eschewed making judgements about the relative reliability of one nation's news agencies and reporters versus another's. My assumption is that reporters, news story editors, and national-level media outlets try to report as accurately as possible given the resources at their disposal.

For example, if The Times of India, reports an incident, I am assuming that an editor judged the account to be accurate.

Behroz Khan has provided outstanding detailed reporting on events on the ground for the Pakistan Jang newspaper's The News International. My belief is that casualty figures reported shortly after a bombing incident are a fairly accurate description of what occurred. Surviving victims who resided in the area have first-hand knowledge of the local demographics. Three additional factors argue for using reports immediately after an incident in Afghanistan: 1 Locating bodies can prove to be very difficult [even in the developed United States as seen with the WTC attacks] and hence relying purely upon body counts compiled later will seriously underestimate the casualties; 2 The Muslim practice of immediate burial by nightfall makes body counting difficult; and 3 The out-migration of families in the wake of severe bombing leads to victim accounts simply disappearing.

Lastly, I have assigned greater reliability to accounts where greater detail has been provided, e. The great majority of U. S bombs fell upon or next to individual homes or upon villages, making it easier to develop accurate tallies [as msnbc anti aging to the s working in a couple giant skyscrapers where initial casualties were greatly exaggerated]. Few of msnbc anti aging hundreds of bombing incidents here reported resulted in over 30 civilian msnbc anti aging.

The high count of deaths per home is a result of the large number of children per woman. News [ www.

Afghan Casualties

It should be noted that the independent, private Afghan Islamic Press [AIP] agency in Islamabad, Pakistan reported consistently lower cumulative casualty figures than the Taliban: on October 13th, AIP reported whereas the Taliban listed civilians killed; on November 6th, the AIP listed while the Taliban reported about 1, civilian deaths.

Many of the Taliban claims about civilian casualties are later confirmed by journalists on the scene, eye-witnesses, survivors, families of victims, U. Three different assessments were made in the aftermath 1.

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The Taliban claimed the raid killed 11 people; 2. The Pentagon said the strike missed both the hospital and another Red Crescent building nearby, and commented "it was a legitimate terrorist target, intentionally struck. Journalists later saw a large crater in the center of the clinic and hospital vehicles crushed by collapsed masonry.

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One doctor reported 15 dead and 25 seriously injured. In Appendix 2, I present additional detailed analysis of discrepancies and the lying in the mainstream media. The American air war against Afghanistan was played out in three msnbc anti aging as the U. S military readjusted its campaign to the changing situation on the ground. Each phase had different implications for Afghan civilians. During the first phase, U.

S planes and missiles targeting perceived Taliban military facilities, often located in urban areas. The Taliban's facilities were widely dispersed.

The weapons of choice here were fighter jets' Msnbc anti aging bombs 'targeted' upon particular facilities, but whose explosive force and frequent mis-direction resulted in heavy civilian impact deaths during the first three weeks of the war.

Once the Taliban anti aircraft was silenced, the lower-flying, slow-moving attack flying machines [ACs and helicopter gunships] were introduced, which engaged in heavy strafing and gunshot wounds. The second phase of the U. S air war was in the northern plains around Shomali, Mazar, Kunduz and Khanabad. Here, Bs were employed in cluster bomb attacks upon front lines and exacted a severe toll upon Afghans.

F and F fighter jets "hit" more selected targets. The areas around Kunduz and Khanabad suffered heavily. The first two 7. The third phase of the air war was carried out in the south and east as Taliban forces retreated.

Here, B and B-1 carpet-bombing around Kandahar and msnbc anti aging the mountains south of Jalalabad killed msnbc anti aging.

Fighter jets dropped JDAM ordnance and engaged in fierce attacks upon "targets of opportunity" in Pentagonese jargon.

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Concretely, during the past couple weeks, this meant just about anything moving on the highways in Helmand, Kandahar, and other south eastern provinces. Numerous first-hand accounts describe the destruction of fleeing trucks, buses, taxis, etc.

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