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Download Short Description Foundation and aims Aetas Latin for agea journal of history and related disciplines was founded by young historians in Szeged, Hungary, in Its original aim was to provide a menas for the diffusion of current historical scholarship in Central and Eastern Europe and at the same time, a forum for younger historians in the region.

Accordingly, AETAS is structured somewhat differently from other Hugnarian historical journals: its features new sections and follows different editorial svájci anti aging sampon. Workshops The editorial board puts special emphasis on disseminating the work of ongoing research projects by publishing thematic issues.

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Examples in the past have included Slavic society in the Middle Ages, public opinion and propaganda in the modern age, Romanian intellectual history, the age of neo-absolutism in the Austrian Empire, and emigration in 19th and 20th century Europe. Sections and focal points Studies: Each issue contains five or six articles with premier egy anti aging formula oldalon in English.

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Discussion: devoted to ongoing discussions and debates. Workshop: presenting the latest results of ongoing research. Theory and methodology: methodological issues related to historiography.

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Beyond our borders: In this column historians from abroad are introduced through interviews, representative studies and bibliographies of their publications. Evoking the past: historical source material with scholarly comments is publishes in this section.

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Observer: devoted to reviews. Contributors In accordance with the objectives of the journal, the editorial board strives for a plurality of themes and seeks to publish the widest possible range of authors in Aetas.

In recent years, the contributors have included young historians at the beginning of their careers as well as distinguished researchers, such as John Komlos, Gabor Vermes, David F. Good, István Deák, Andrew C. Achievements and plan for the future Due to its innovative design and editorial policy, AETAS has achieved considerable popularity in Hungarian academic life during the past fifteen years.

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The editors are aiming to improve and widen distribution in and outside of Hungary. Publication, circulation and distribution AETAS is published four times a year and features both the abstracts of the articles and the table of contents in English. The circulation figure exceeds copies per premier egy anti aging formula oldalon.

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Back to list Most popular articles from this journal Power and film. An introduction to the film policies of dictatorships and democracies Hatalom és film. Bevezetés a diktatórikus és demokratikus filmpolitikák történetébe Year:Issue No. Historiográfiai áttekintés Year:Issue No. In the rapidly changing digital sphere CEEOL is a reliable source of adjusting expertise trusted by scholars, publishers and librarians.


CEEOL provides scholars, researchers and students with access to a wide range of academic content in a constantly growing, dynamic repository. CEEOL offers various services to subscribing institutions and their patrons to make access to its content as easy as possible. Furthermore, CEEOL allows publishers to reach new audiences and promote the scientific achievements of the Eastern European scientific community to a broader readership.

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